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Meet The Smile Keepers Team

Meet The Team


Dr. Sumeet Sharma

Dr. Sumeet Sharma graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston. He was selected in Omicron Kappa Upsilon, a national honorary society which includes the top 10% of a graduating class.

After graduating dental school, he worked as an associate dentist for a brief period before opening Smile Keepers. He takes great pride in being able to help people and educate them about their dental needs. He makes sure that the treatment plans are tailored to the unique needs of the patient and all the treatment options are discussed with the patient.

His goal is to provide comprehensive and exceptional care to all his patients, in a safe and comfortable environment, while providing the latest, cutting-edge technological procedures. He believes in making the patient a part of the treatment planning process by keeping an open line of communication with the patient.

Dr. Sharma loves to learn new techniques and procedures. He considers himself a student for life and constantly participates in Continuing education courses. He travels all over the country to learn from the best mentors in every field of dentistry whether it being Implants or Full Mouth reconstructions.

When he is not doing dentistry, he enjoys playing video games with his son, exploring new places with his wife and kids and watching sports.


Dr. Saru Sharma

Dr. Saru Sharma attended the prestigious UCLA School of Dentistry, California and graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS).

After graduating dental school, she moved to Texas and worked as an Associate dentist before joining Smile Keepers. As a dentist her focus is always on educating her patients on ways to improve and maintain oral health. She tries to simplify the dental jargon in a manner that is understandable to the patients, and they can relate with it. She believes that dental treatment should be painless and a comfortable experience for the patient.

She always stays abreast with the latest in dentistry by attending continuing education courses and learning from the top practitioners in this field.

When not doing dentistry, you can find her binge watching her favorite TV shows, playing with her kids and enjoying long walks.

Clinical Team

Dental Hygienist


Meet Amanda, our hometown hero from Bellville and the smile guru known as our Dental Hygienist. But before she got into the dental groove, she was a pro at keeping shelves stocked at Brookshire Bros.

So, why dentistry, you ask? Amanda's all about helping people and boosting their confidence to flash those pearly whites!

Beyond the dental chair, she's an outdoorsy explorer, conquering both national and state parks. You'll also find her breaking a sweat during workouts with her loved ones.

Fun fact: Amanda has a soft spot for flowers, and when it comes to food, it's a fiesta with Mexican cuisine!



Lucy, our Bellville belle and resident RDA at Smile Keepers. But Lucy's journey started at just 15, caring for residents in a nursing home—an early heart of gold!

Why dentistry, you ask? She's on a mission to pursue dental hygiene because she's all about helping people and bright smiles.

Beyond the dental chair, Lucy's a musical maestro, jamming to her favorite tunes. But her true passion? Jesus and church. When she's not rocking out or seeking spiritual serenity, she's a movie buff and a family gal.

Little-known fact: Lucy's a secret culinary genius who loves whipping up delicious meals! And her ultimate foodie fave? Enchiladas, of course!

Lead RDA


Meet Aubri from Somerville, our Lead RDA and TX Coordinator, making dental magic daily. Former bagger at HEB, she's got a knack for keeping things orderly.

With dental tech parents, it's no wonder she chose this field. Off-duty, it's shopping, movies, and quality family time.

Fun fact: Aubri's a knee surgery survivor—three before 18! And when it comes to food, enchiladas steal her heart.



Meet Monica, our sunshine from California with Texas roots, blending Los Angeles cool with Houston charm. At Smile Keepers, she's our RDA shining bright, thanks to her dental journey that began in an oral surgery office.

Monica's healthcare heartstrings were strummed early, rocking those science courses like a pro. Beyond the dental scene, she's a bookworm, flipping through Stephen King's spine-tingling tales.

But here's the scoop: Monica's a true-blue animal ally, dedicating her free time to pet shelters. And when it's time to chow down, it's all about savoring mouthwatering lasagna.



Introducing Myracle from Santa Fe, TX, our radiant RDA at Smile Keepers. But before she rocked the dental world, she was the guardian of school maintenance, keeping things spick and span.

Why dentistry? Myracle's stepmom lit the path, inspiring her with unwavering determination.

Off-duty, she's the hoops superstar, owning the court. Plus, she's the chief dog walker, her pups' best friend.

Here's the twist: Myracle's a tortilla maestro, making magic with her grandma! And when it's time to chow down, it's tacos and chicken nuggets all the way.



Meet Miriam, our California dreamer, and the radiant RDA at Smile Keepers. Her first job? An assistant cook at her university, spicing things up early on!

Miriam choose dentistry because it's about helping people while exploring a world of growth, opportunities, and mastering new skills.

Off the clock, she's the decorating diva with an eye for interior design. But here's the twist: Miriam's a furniture whisperer, turning antiques into treasures!

And when it's time to feast, Thanksgiving dinner tops her list—for both the food and the cherished memories it brings.

Admin Team

Billing & Financial Coordinator


Meet Adela, our financial wizard from Brenham, TX, and the Billing & Financial Coordinator extraordinaire. Her first gig was dishing out deliciousness at Andrea's Taco Shop, where she honed her multitasking skills.

Adela's journey into the dental field began during her own braces treatment when a dental assistant inspired her. Beyond numbers and dental dreams, she's a bookworm who loves quality time with her daughter, Gali.

Fun fact: Adela's pedal power doesn't extend to two-wheelers; she's never ridden a bike! But when it comes to food, chicken salad reigns supreme.



Meet Arianna, our Bryan, TX hometown hero and the friendly face at Salvatore Dental's reception desk. But before she answered your calls, she was dishing out deliciousness at Cicis Pizza.

So, why dentistry? Arianna decided to take her career to new heights. Beyond the desk, she's a baking maestro and a super mom, whipping up sweetness in and out of the kitchen.

Here's the twist: Arianna's Oreo aversion—those iconic cookies just don't do it for her! But when it's time to feast, it's all about wings and the comfort of her mom's home cooking.

Scheduling Coordinator


Meet Yasmin Yanez, Brenham's own, born and raised in Texas! At Smile Keepers, she orchestrates schedules as our Scheduling Coordinator, but her journey began as an Ace Hardware cashier.

Yasmin loves dentistry and finds it incredibly intriguing, with endless opportunities to learn new, beneficial skills each day.

Little-known fact: She's a lifelong learner, geeking out over anything that piques her interest. And when it's mealtime, Korean Kimchi Stew takes center stage—yum!

Insurance Coordinator


Caitlyn O'Neil, our charming trainee insurance coordinator hailing from Frederick, MD. Her very first gig was in the world of movies, making sure your cinema experience was a blockbuster.

Why the dental field, you ask? Caitlyn's all about helping people achieve their very best smiles!

Beyond the dental arena, she's an open book—ask her anything! Caitlyn's a bookworm at heart, with reading as her top hobby.

As for her taste buds, it's a Korean culinary adventure that tickles her fancy.


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